Board of Directors: Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, etc

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Our mission is providing education for Angola's children to achieve their dreams.

I am looking for eight Board Members, which are:

1. Chairman: Will be responsable of developing the agenda for the board meetings sending that out to board members in advance and leading the board conversation at the mettings.

2. Vice-Chair (Chair Elect): His role will be assisting and offers support for the board chair and other leadership when needed.

3. Secretary: The Secretary’s role will be making sure that appropriate and accurate records of the Organization are being kept. Conducting communication between board members to set up meetings, giving proper notice of any meetings and promptly distributing materials like agendas and minutes.

4. Treasurer: Will be responsable for oversseing the Organization’s financial status and providing reports to the rest of the board on the status regularly.

5. Program Expert or Social Worker or could be a fellow nonprofit professional: We are looking for someone who’s experienced or skilled¬† and knowledgeable. Someone who know how to serve properly clients.

6. Socially Connected Person: It is someone who has a lot of business connection. It will be important for our Organization to have somebody with knowledge in this field.

7.Marketing Expert:Will be responsible for letting people know what is the Organization job and more importantly the cause that we support.

8. Fundraising Expert:This professional will be responsible for helping the Organization raising money so that way we can go forward with our mission.

Time Commitment: Ten hours per month

Financial Commitment: For now the Organization does not have the amount established yet.

Meetings: Initially we are planning to go with two meetings per week and after the board members is organized than we will discuss about it.

Schedule and location: It will be discussed at the first board meeting.


























































































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