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Friends of La Posada Incorporated seeks volunteers interested in serving on the Board of Directors. We are an all-volunteer, community-based, non-profit organization focused on housing the unsheltered in Carlsbad and North County San Diego. We were founded 30 years ago by concerned residents of Carlsbad who built the first homeless men’s shelter in North County. As a non-profit public benefit corporation, we set high standards for board members and continue to seek individuals with relevant and diverse skills, experiences, and a high level of integrity and interest to help us fulfill our mission.

The Board of Directors exists in service to our purpose and to the people and communities our work impacts. We believe that our Board members should be connected to and work in partnership with the communities we exist to serve.

Board service is an important responsibility; therefore, we outline those responsibilities and expectations below:

·      Understands that the Board operates in service to the organization’s purpose, which is primarily responsible for stewarding organizational capacities and maximizing positive impact in service to that core purpose.

·      Regularly attends board meetings and important related meetings. Our Board meets monthly for 2 hours.

·      Makes a commitment to participate actively in committee work. Since we are a volunteer organization, much of the work is done by board members, volunteers or outsourced to vendors (who are paid or provide in-kind services).

·      Stays informed about homelessness issues in Carlsbad and North County.

·      Serves as an ambassador for the organization and educates influencers and the community about the importance of the organization’s work. Where possible, participates in local and regional homeless outreach committees and community groups.

·      Prepares for meetings and reviews and comments on information shared in a timely manner.

·      Gets to know other committee members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to positive collaboration.

·      Is an active participant in the Board’s annual strategic planning, budgeting, and planning activities.

·      Participates in fundraising for the organization and helps to advocate its mission through social media and/or personal networks.

·      Develops basic digital literacy (is comfortable using Zoom, email, MS Office, accessing shared files via the internet, using social media, etc.) Training and tools will be provided.

·      Signs a non-disclosure agreement to protect donor information.

·      Takes the initiative to develop leadership skills in the non-profit space.

·      Commits to an initial 2-year term and helps identify successors if no longer willing or able to serve on the Board.

Every organization needs a strong and effective board to fully realize its potential for good. Since Friends of La Posada is going through a significant organizational change and transformation in 2021, we recommend a minimum of 5-10 hours a month of your time be dedicated to the volunteer work of the organization. We meet the third Monday of the month at 4pm Pacific Time.

In return for your time, you’ll have a tremendous opportunity to learn about how to run and manage a non-profit organization.You will also have a real and immediate opportunity to have an impact on building and growing an organization at the local level, in your community. But most important of all, you will change people’s lives!

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