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To elevate student engagement, and expand the role of music in education by making purposeful, inclusive music a joyful and integral part of literacy, academic, and social-emotional learning throughout the school day, and beyond.

We are gradually, carefully adding two positions to our Board of Directors, and both would begin with committee work to get acquainted, and would be vetted for inclusion to join our very positive, committed, and harmonious working board as Directors at Large.

Feeling a strong connection with music, or making music, and to the quality of public education are helpful qualities in a board member. Being a collaborative, curious, and empathic person, and possessing a growth mindset could make you a good fit with our board.

Regular responsibilities include dedicating time to voluntarily participating on at least one committee, about 4-8 hours per month, and attending a full board meeting, virtually or in person every other month. The board truly advises the founder/executive director, so being available to respond to questions in your areas of expertise on an “as needed” basis is also highly valued.

Any member who eventually serves on our Executive Committee also commits to meeting up to once a week when important matters requiring consideration and discussion arise between regular board meetings.

Board donations are required, but the amount one donates is not dictated and contribution amounts are kept private except by the donor’s request to share. Passion, skills, and commitment to the mission and work supercede financial ability to contribute.

Our board and organization could be strengthened by new members who bring significant expertise about marketing, event development, and/or donor cultivation and management. We are currently already very strong in education, financial management, and strategic planning, grants, and sponsorships.

Our board is culturally diverse and inclusive now, and is eager to further expand our diversity to reflect the population of students and educators we serve everyday in Title 1 schools.

Thank you!

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