Board of Directors

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To improve the lives of children and families through lasting relationships.

Walden board members meet three times per year via zoom and one time for an in-person retreat. Board members are responsible for: Fiduciary leadership that safeguards the integrity of WFS by performing due-diligence pertaining to its legal, regulatory and financial obligations. This work further ensures that resources are available, accounted for, and being deployed in the best possible way. It also serves to monitor the status of all compliance requirements. Strategic leadership that enables WFS to move from its present state to its preferred state by actively engaging in the exploration of strategies, models, outcomes, and opportunities that can advance the organization. Both types of leadership require a steady focus on mission, governance, and operational integrity. Board members have an annual give/get of $2,500 in unrestricted funds and are asked to participate in Walden events. An exemption can be made if necessary for former foster youth, former foster or adoptive parents, and former social workers who bring lived experience to Walden.  Board members are required to participate on one committee: Audit, Finance, Executive, or Fundraising/Marketing. As a voting member of the corporation, each director of Walden Family Services (WFS) has full authority and responsibility to act in accordance with California nonprofit corporation law, meeting standards of conduct described as the duties of care, loyalty and obedience. Board members will be sent, without request, quarterly financial reports, and an update of organizational activities that allows them to meet the “prudent person” standards of the law. Opportunities will be offered to discuss with the CEO and the Board Chair Walden Family Services’ programs, goals, activities, and statues; The organization will help Board members perform duties by keeping them informed about issues in the industry and in the field of foster care, and by offering opportunities for professional development as a Board Member. Board Members and Staff will respond in a straightforward manner to questions that are necessary to carry out fiscal, legal, and ethical responsibilities to Walden Family Services. Board Members and Staff will work in good faith toward achievement of our goals. Terms are for three years with a maximum of two terms. Board members in good standing may return to the board one year after their term expires and may continue to serve on committees indefinitely.

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